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Off-Grid Destinations offers a gateway to sustainable living and unique off-the-grid experiences around the globe. We provide insights into eco-conscious homes, communities, and travel adventures for those seeking a life harmonized with nature.

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Our testimonials

Kathleen Lumiere TCM Practitioner | Oncology | Acupuncture

With patience and impeccable communication at every step, Matt guided me through the purchase of Colibri and its management afterwards. His professionalism and conscientiousness have impressed me for seven years now. Matt is the best helper I can imagine for acquiring property in Finca Bellavista and environs.

Piotr Naskrecki Entomologist | Author | Photographer

Matt is the person who convinced my partner and me to invest in FBV and purchase a house, and I am eternally grateful for this. We had spent a lot of time searching for the perfect place in Costa Rica. Arriving in FBV was like discovering the Eden and Matt was our tireless guide in there. He knew the place inside out and guided us through the entire property, not only highlighting the best aspects of the place but also honestly speaking about possible issues with each house or lot, and helping us make an informed decision.

Lance Kittel Executive Director at Inland Ocean Coalition

I first inquired about Fila Tortuga while living at Finca Bellavista in 2015. I was interning on-site and had the opportunity to purchase a home there. When the discussions became real and the purchasing process began, Matt was the first to fill me in on all the juicy details and helped me understand the process. He showed me not only Fila Tortuga, but a couple of other options as well. He was thorough and helpful every step of the way.

Eva Lynn Associate Producer | Festival Management

The home itself is beautiful inside and out, the views from the decks surrounding the house are stunning, the treehouse community that it is located in offers endless adventures, and the owners (Matt and Amy) go above and beyond to make sure your stay is as pleasant as possible. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting a true treetop off-grid getaway.