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Casa de Leon: A Unique Off-Grid Home for Sale in Finca Bellavista

A Rare Opportunity in Eco-Living

Nestled deep within the heart of Finca Bellavista's vibrant jungle, Casa de Leon stands as a beacon for those dreaming of a life harmoniously blended with nature. This distinctive three-level treehouse, designed for ultimate privacy and communion with the environment, is now available for those seeking a unique piece of paradise.


Treehouse Overview:

  • Eco-Conscious Design: Boasting a mezzanine bedroom, additional sleeping quarters with a queen bed and bunk beds, Casa de Leon epitomizes sustainable living among the treetops.
  • Serenity and Seclusion: Located on the red trail, a 40-45 minute hike from base camp, this home offers serene views of the Rio Piedras Blancas corridor, ensuring profound privacy and tranquility.
  • Sustainable Features: With no electricity or refrigeration, the home encourages a minimalist, eco-friendly lifestyle, allowing you to live fully in tune with the natural rhythms.
  • Comfort Amenities: Despite its rustic charm, Casa de Leon is equipped with two bathrooms, a gas stovetop with oven, and a dining area, ensuring comfort while embracing an off-grid lifestyle.


Considerations for Potential Owners:

  • Ready for Revitalization: Casa de Leon awaits a new owner ready to reinvigorate its unique structure with minor repairs needed since its last use in 2020.
  • Adventurous Access: The trek to this secluded retreat is an adventure, requiring sturdy boots and light packing for the journey along gravel and rock trails.
  • Embrace the Off-Grid Experience: This property offers more than just a home; it's an invitation to a lifestyle deeply embedded in conservation and sustainable living.


Meet Your Host and Community Member: Ian Hart

  • Fitness and Wellness Expert: Ian Hart, a host of transformational Wim Hof Method retreats, is an integral part of the community with over 14 years of experience in health and fitness.
  • A Trusted Figure: As a best-selling author and creator of internationally recognized fitness programs, Ian’s involvement enriches the vibrant life at Finca Bellavista.


Ideal for Eco-Adventurers and Visionaries:
Casa de Leon is more than a purchase; it’s an investment in a lifestyle that celebrates privacy, eco-awareness, and personal growth. This property is perfect for those ready to embrace an off-grid way of life, full of possibilities for adventure, relaxation, and profound connection with the natural world.


A Unique Investment in Sustainable Living

Owning Casa de Leon is a step into a life less ordinary, set within one of the most biologically intense areas on Earth. In need of a loving touch, this home presents a rare opportunity to own a piece of the majestic Finca Bellavista community, renowned for its commitment to eco-friendly practices and a harmonious way of life.


Embark on Your Journey:

Begin a transformative journey with Casa de Leon, where the spirit of the jungle meets the essence of eco-conscious living. This is your chance to own a slice of paradise, nurturing a life that resonates with sustainability, adventure, and peace.


  • Rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Beds

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