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Colibri: A Cozy Studio Retreat in Finca Bellavista

A Secluded Studio Sanctuary

Welcome to Colibri, a charming studio-style home nestled on the red trail of the esteemed Finca Bellavista community, approximately 20 minutes by foot from the parking area. Colibri offers an intimate escape for two, surrounded by the dense, lush greenery of Costa Rica’s vibrant jungle.

Home Features:

Simplistic Elegance: With a queen-sized bed, Colibri is designed for couples seeking a private and romantic retreat.
Natural Living: This home operates without electricity, enhancing your connection with nature. Please remember to bring your own lighting.
Essential Comforts: Although simplistic, Colibri doesn’t compromise on necessities; it features a kitchen with a gas stovetop and a bathroom with a toilet, shower, and hot running water supplied by a propane heater.
Accessible Wilderness: Just a 15-minute walk from the river and 20 minutes from a waterfall, Colibri is perfectly positioned for those who love to explore the natural world.

Considerations for Prospective Owners:

Adventurous Access: Located on a trail known for loose rocks and slippery conditions, suitable footwear such as wellies is recommended to enhance your walking experience.
Maximum Intimacy: Designed strictly for two, this home emphasizes privacy and simplicity, making it ideal for those looking to unplug and reconnect.

Ideal for Eco-Conscious Couples:

Colibri is more than just a property; it’s a commitment to a minimalist lifestyle that emphasizes ecological awareness and intimate connection. This home is perfect for couples who cherish simplicity and solitude in a natural setting.

A Unique Opportunity for Intimate Engagement:

Investing in Colibri is an opportunity to embrace a life less ordinary, one that is intimately connected to nature. This studio home offers a rare chance to own a slice of the tranquil Finca Bellavista community, renowned for its commitment to sustainable practices and a harmonious way of life.

Embark on Your Journey to Simplicity:

Step into Colibri, where the essence of minimalistic living meets the vastness of the jungle. Here, every day brings a chance to live in tune with nature, offering a serene backdrop for love and life’s simple pleasures.

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