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Valley Food Storage: A Comprehensive Review

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In these times of uncertainty, the peace of mind that comes from a well-stocked emergency pantry is more important than ever. Many of us have experienced the worry that accompanies thoughts of food security, and in response to that concern, we’ve taken the time to evaluate an assortment of options on your behalf.

What caught our attention was Valley Food Storage and their impressive shelf life guarantee – a full 25 years. Our thorough exploration into their offerings will provide you with honest insights about taste, nutritional value, and overall worthiness for your emergency provisions.

Stay with us as we break down why this survival food provider might just be the key to ensuring your family’s wellbeing when it counts the most.

Key Takeaways

  • Valley Food Storage offers a range of emergency food supplies, including freeze – dried fruits, vegetables, meats, and complete meal kits with a shelf life of up to 25 years.
  • Products cater to different dietary needs with gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian options available and no GMOs or artificial preservatives used in their foods.
  • Meals are easy to prepare—just add water—and designed for convenience during emergencies or outdoor activities.
  • Their cost – effective offerings range from $0.50 to $3 per serving across various product categories providing value for money considering the quality and longevity of their products.
  • They have attentive customer service with incentives like sample packs for new customers and a focus on ensuring satisfaction among the survivalist community.

Overview of Valley Food Storage Products

Collection of emergency food supplies

Valley Food Storage, a provider that’s gained attention for their variety of long-lasting meal solutions. They cater to the needs of survivalists with an array of products designed for both immediacy and endurance in crisis situations.

Let’s dive into the specifics of what they offer, from meticulously crafted long-term kits to convenient bulk options that secure nourishment when it matters most.

Long-Term Food Kits

175 Serving Long Term Food Kit

Valley Food Storage's premier offering encompasses a meticulously assembled emergency food supply bucket, which is segmented into three main categories: 6 pouches dedicated to breakfast options, 10 pouches containing a variety of entrees, and 5 pouches of essential bulk food items such as cheese, milk, and eggs, each designed for long-term storage with a shelf life extending up to 25 years. This product is available for individual purchase or in bundled packages, providing an economical advantage to consumers seeking to enhance their emergency preparedness efforts.

The company has structured its offerings into four distinct bucket sizes, each with a specified serving count and total caloric content, as follows:

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We know the importance of being prepared, and long-term food kits from Valley Food Storage are essential for survivalists looking to secure their future nutrition. They offer a robust variety of freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, meats, milk, eggs—and even heirloom seeds—to ensure your emergency food supply is well-rounded.

Their 175 serving long term food kit can last an impressive 25 years on the shelf, thanks to expertly sealed mylar bags that maintain freshness and taste.

Our focus remains on providing high-quality options that cater to various dietary needs without sacrificing flavor or nutritional value. For those considering water storage solutions alongside their meals, Valley Food Storage provides reliable options like the 5-gallon stackable water drum and purifier—perfect companions for your freeze-dried food stash.

With complete meals averaging around $12 to $14.50 per day at 2,000 calories each, investing in these kits means securing peace of mind for years to come—all at an affordable price point when you buy in bulk.

Meal Buckets

Irish Pub Cheddar Potato Soup

Valley Food Storage's Irish Pub Cheddar Potato Soup is a hit among consumers for its delicious taste and family-friendly serving size, with each pouch yielding five servings. Crafted from simple, non-GMO ingredients, it's easy to prepare and has a shelf life of 25 years, blending convenience with health and durability. Additionally, Valley Food Storage stands out by offering single-entrée buckets, each providing 50 servings. This customization option lets customers choose their preferred meals, avoiding unwanted items found in variety packs, thereby improving satisfaction and efficiency in emergency food storage.

Single Pouch Meal Bucket

We’ve examined Valley Food Storage’s meal buckets, and they’re a game-changer for anyone serious about emergency preparedness. Packed with savory dinner meals and satisfying breakfast options, these buckets make food storage simple and reliable.

Imagine being able to store hearty entrees like enchilada beans and rice or Irish pub cheddar potato soup without worrying about spoilage for years!

Each bucket is filled with individual pouches that seal in freshness—the kind of packaging that creates a fortress against the elements. You’ll appreciate how easy it is to whip up a meal; just add water, simmer, and within minutes you have a hot dish ready to eat. Be sure to check out all the different meal options.

It’s not just about filling your stomach—it’s about enjoying flavors that remind you of home cooking even in tough times. Whether hunkering down after a storm or out on an adventure trail, these meal buckets are designed to keep spirits high with their convenience and taste.

Bulk Freeze-Dried Food

Valley Food Storage’s assortment of bulk freeze-dried foods is a prime choice for emergency preparedness enthusiasts, offering an exceptional 25-year shelf life without compromising on quality.

This range spans a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables, such as apples, bananas, and green beans, as well as essential proteins including beef and chicken, all meticulously produced within the United States to meet stringent quality controls.

What truly sets Valley Food Storage apart is their unwavering commitment to health and nutrition. By eliminating the use of fillers, artificial preservatives, hydrogenated oils, GMOs, and MSG, they cater to the needs of survivalists seeking clean, nutrient-dense food options. These carefully prepared foods are designed for rapid rehydration, successfully preserving their original texture and flavor, offering a significant advantage in any emergency scenario.

Starter Survival Kits

72-Hour Hurricane Emergency Kit

In line with the CDC's guidance for hurricane preparedness, which advises maintaining at least a three-day emergency food supply per person, Valley Food Storage offers the 72-Hour Hurricane Emergency Food Kit. This kit is meticulously designed to provide an individual with 1,800 calories per day over a span of three days, ensuring sustenance during either evacuation or shelter-in-place scenarios throughout the hurricane season. Quality is a cornerstone of this 72-hour food kit, promising not just reliability but also palatability in emergency conditions.

Key Product Specifications:

  • Total Pouches: 5,
  • Total Servings: 32,
  • Average Total Calories: 5,500,
  • Calories Per Day: 1,800,
  • Shelf Life: 25 years.

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At, our exploration into emergency food solutions led us to review the Starter Survival Kits offered by Valley Food Storage. These kits are designed to meet the immediate needs of those facing unexpected emergency situations, providing a balanced mix of convenience and essential nutrition for periods up to 72 hours. Ideal for swift departures in the face of unforeseen circumstances, these kits ensure that quality is never compromised, even when time is of the essence.

Upon review, we discovered that Valley Food Storage prioritizes the use of non-GMO ingredients and steers clear of artificial additives across all their offerings, aligning with the quality commitments seen in their longer-term food solutions. Each meal within the kit is straightforward to prepare, often requiring just the addition of water, and comes in resealable packaging to preserve freshness.

However, it’s noteworthy that despite the variety implied, all packets inside any given kit are identical. This uniformity means that regardless of which Short Term Kit you choose (72 Hour Emergency Kit, 72 Hour Hurricane Kit, 72 Hour Blizzard Kit, etc) the contents will be the same, offering a consistent nutritional profile across the board. While this ensures reliability in the quality and taste of the meals provided, it might limit the variety for those seeking different flavors or meal options within the same style kit.

Quality and Taste Evaluation

Selection of meals at dining table

We put Valley Food Storage to the test, focusing on both quality and taste. Their freeze-dried fruits burst with flavor as if they were fresh from the farm. The texture remains impeccable, a clear sign that their freeze-drying process preserves both the taste and nutritional value of the food.

Eating their strawberries or banana slices straight from the package is a delight, providing not just sustenance but also an enjoyable snacking experience.

Assessing their prepared meals tells us much about how seriously this small business takes its recipes and ingredient selection. The Irish Pub Cheddar Potato Soup has a rich, creamy consistency and authentic taste that rivals homemade versions without any hints of being shelf-stable for up to 25 years.

Similarly, entrees like Sweet and Sour Asian Rice come together with complex flavor profiles usually reserved for freshly cooked dishes – all while maintaining long-term storage feasibility.

This careful attention to detail ensures survivalists aren’t just surviving; they’re dining well during emergencies or adventures alike.

Consideration of Special Diet Options

Our survival community often includes folks who follow specific dietary restrictions, whether due to health reasons or personal choice. With this in mind, we carefully assess the options available for those needing gluten-free food or looking to avoid certain allergens.

Valley Food Storage recognizes these needs and has begun incorporating offerings that cater to special diets into their lineup. These selections aim to ensure that everyone, regardless of dietary constraints, can have access to emergency food supplies without compromising their health or values.

In our quest for preparedness, it’s crucial that every meal not only provides sustenance but also aligns with nutritional requirements and preferences. Valley Food Storage steps up by providing clear labeling on their products, which allows you all to identify suitable meal options quickly.

They include meals free from MSGs and other artificial flavor enhancers commonly found in processed food. This commitment extends beyond just freeze-dried fruit and vegetables to encompass complete entrees that support a variety of special diet needs amidst the survivalist community.

Analysis of Shelf Life

We take a close look at Valley Food Storage’s claim of a 25-year shelf life on their products. This impressive span means that these foods can last through decades without spoiling, ensuring you have a reliable source of nutrition in case of emergencies.

The secret behind this longevity is the meticulous freeze-drying process they use, which removes moisture and locks in flavor and nutrients.

Every meal kit from Valley Food Storage undergoes strict testing to guarantee that it meets their long shelf life promise. They carefully package each product in high-quality containers that combat humidity, oxygen, and light—all key factors that can degrade food over time.

With such attention to preservation detail, we feel confident these supplies will stand the test of time right there in our storage emergency food stash.

Cost and Value for Money Assessment

When assessing the cost and value for money of Valley Food Storage products, we must consider several factors. These include the quality of ingredientsshelf life, convenience, and cost per serving. Our review of these factors has led us to conclude that Valley Food Storage offers a competitive value proposition for survivalists seeking reliable, nutritious, and appetizing options for their emergency food supply.

Product CategoryAverage CostShelf LifeCost per ServingSpecial Diet Accommodation
Long-Term Food Kits$200-$50025 years$2-$3Gluten-free, Dairy-free options
Meal Buckets$80-$15025 years$1.50-$3Vegetarian options available
Bulk Freeze-Dried FoodVaries by weight25 yearsDepends on quantity purchasedGluten-free, Non-GMO
Short Term Kits$50-$10025 years$1.50-$2.50Options vary
Freeze-Dried Produce$20-$40 per pouch25 years$0.50-$1No preservatives, Pure produce

In this analysis, we observe that the quality and convenience offered align well with the costs, especially when factoring in the long shelf life and dietary considerations. With servings ranging from $0.50 to $3, individuals can select products that meet their budget and nutritional needs. Valley Food Storage’s products are a sound investment for those prioritizing preparedness without compromising on health or flavor.

Review of Customer Service and Incentives

At Valley Food Storage, we take our customer service seriously. We’ve poured over feedback and have worked hard to iron out any kinks in our shipping process and respond promptly to your questions or concerns.

This commitment ensures that when you reach out for support—whether it’s about an order, a product question, or guidance on how best to store your food—you’ll receive top-notch assistance every time.

We also understand the importance of rewarding loyalty and encouraging new customers to prepare with confidence. That’s why we provide incentives like sample packs that let you taste the quality before making a bigger investment.

Not only do these samples showcase our delicious range from mango habanero chili to hearty white bean and lime chili, but they affirm our promise of flavor-packed cuisine ready for any emergency scenario—all at prices that make sense for a survivalist’s budget.

Conclusion AND FAQ’S

We’ve taken a deep dive into Valley Food Storage, examining the robust selection of meals and produce meant to last. Our taste tests reveal that their freeze-dried options are not just long-lasting, but genuinely delicious.

Consider these kits as practical solutions for emergency preparedness or outdoor adventures. They cater well to various dietary needs while offering peace of mind with their impressive shelf life.

So when planning for those unforeseen circumstances, Valley Food Storage stands as a dependable choice worth stocking up on.

What makes Valley Food Storage stand out?

Valley Food Storage sets itself apart with freeze-dried food that has a 25-year shelf life, offering reliable, long-lasting emergency food options.

Why choose freeze-dried fruit from Valley Food Storage?

Their freeze-dried fruit is great for long-term storage as it can last up to 25 years without rehydrating and maintains its taste and nutrition.

How does the shelf life of Valley Food Storage products compare to others?

Valley Food Storage provides foods like white rice and soups designed to be shelf-stable for an impressive 25 years, ensuring readiness in any emergency.

Can I get a variety of meals from Valley Food Storage?

Yes! They offer everything from breakfasts like oatmeal to lunches and dinners including chili and pasta, ensuring diverse meal options even in emergencies.

Are all the foods offered by Valley Food Storage freeze-dried?

While they specialize in freeze-drying whole foods for lasting freshness, they also supply items like jerky which are dehydrated rather than freeze-dried.

Is it easy to buy food from Valley Food Storage?

Absolutely – you can shop conveniently on their website for their range of kits on the market or supplement your own pantry with their single-item selections.

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