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An In-Depth Nutrient Survival Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

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In the world of preparedness, choosing the right emergency food can be overwhelming. Nutrient Survival promises nutrition-packed meals with a long shelf life. Our review will dive into taste, quality, and value to help you decide if it’s the best fit for your survival pantry.

Keep reading – is it hype or hope?.

Key Takeaways

  • Nutrient Survival provides a wide variety of meals and snacks designed for emergencies, infusing their products with 40 essential nutrients to sustain energy and ensure optimal health in high-stress scenarios.
  • Their offerings include up to 25 years of shelf life for long-term storage, with advanced freeze-drying techniques that preserve taste and nutrition, making them a reliable choice for building an emergency food supply.
  • Comparing cost – effectiveness, while some items may seem expensive at first glance, they are fortified with vitamins and minerals that equate to investing in nutritional insurance for emergencies or outdoor adventures.
  • The brand emphasizes quality ingredients without artificial flavors, colors, or fillers which sets them apart from many competitors; offering low sodium options as well is beneficial for maintaining hydration levels during stressful situations.
  • Purchasing channels are user-friendly with responsive customer service via multiple platforms; the variety of purchase options ensures convenient access to these nutrient-packed foods online.

Overview of Nutrient Survival

Nutrient Survival stands out in the crowded field of emergency foods with its focus on nutritionally robust offerings. The brand prides itself on providing special ops grade nutrition that meets even the stringent nutritional standards of the US military.

Unlike many survival food options, Nutrient Survival eschews artificial flavors and colors, instead emphasizing high-quality ingredients packed with 40 essential nutrients to keep you thriving in challenging situations.

Emergency food kit offerings from Nutrient Survival are designed to cater to a range of needs, whether for an individual or a family, spanning several days to months. Each product promises longevity with up to 25 years shelf-life when stored correctly, making it not only ideal for immediate use but also as a staple in any long-term emergency preparedness plan.

The commitment to balanced meals means their lineup includes everything from hearty breakfasts like Homestyle Scramble to satisfying entrees such as Triple Cheese Mac – all infused with nutrient-packed calories and essential vitamins and minerals for sustained energy levels.

Next up is exploring the variety available in these life-sustaining food solutions.

Types of Survival Food Offered by Nutrient Survival

Nutrient Survival caters to a variety of preparedness needs with an array of food options designed for longevity and nutrition. From tailor-made emergency kits to individual meal choices, they ensure you’re well-fed in any situation without skimping on essential nutrients.

Emergency Food Kits

14-Day Emergency Food Kit – Nutrient Survival

This essential food kit includes 110 nutrient packed servings. Enough to last you for 14-days at least, or feed your family of 4 for 3 days. Enjoy their top sellers - Triple Cheese Mac, Southwestern Medley, Homestyle Scramble, Hearty Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, Chocolate Grain Crunch and Powdered Vitamin Milk. Comes with 6 stackable #10 cans - easy to store, quick to prepare, and loaded with all 40 essential nutrients to boost immunity, build muscle and sustain energy.

The company has structured its offerings into four distinct bucket sizes, each with a specified serving count and total caloric content, as follows:

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Emergency food kits by Nutrient Survival are designed to prepare you for unexpected situations. Their 72-hour kit can sustain four adults, making it a smart choice for families. You’ll get nutrient-packed calories in every serving, ensuring no one goes hungry when emergencies strike.

These kits come packed with variety, from hearty breakfasts like Homestyle Scramble to satisfying dinners such as Southwestern Medley.

Choose between 14, 30, 60, or even a comprehensive 90-day food kit includes all essential meals for long-term readiness. Each option is compact and easy to store, fitting seamlessly into your home without taking up too much space.

They’re stackable and durable—ready for any survival situation that might come your way.

Moving on from the versatility of the emergency kits, let’s explore the convenience and taste of individual meal options offered by Nutrient Survival.

Individual Meals

Homestyle Scramble Pantry Pack

Imagine sharp cheddar, eggs, shredded potatoes, and bell peppers, all seasoned with Himalayan pink salt.

This breakfast is a game-changer, seriously. The Homestyle Scramble is packed with that comforting, homemade taste but also delivers all the good stuff your body needs to kick butt throughout the day.

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Nutrient Survival crafts individual meals that cater to the solo adventurer or anyone needing a quick, nutritious option. Their Homestyle Scramble stands out for its delicious taste and simple preparation, winning praise from those who’ve tried it.

Just add hot water, and you have a comforting meal that’s ready in minutes, bursting with nutrient-packed calories to fuel your day. These meals come in handy whether you’re on an intense hike or caught in an unforeseen emergency.

For a sweet start to the morning or a satisfying snack, try their Chocolate Grain Crunch or the Maple Almond Grain Crunch. Kids and adults alike enjoy these tasty cereal options that pair perfectly with extras like honey or Nutrient Survival’s own Vitamin Milk mix for an added boost of flavor and nutrition.

If you need extra protein intake, reach for one of their whey protein shakes—a convenient way to keep energy levels high without slowing down your pace.


  1. Vitamin Coffee Classic Roast Bulk Pouch 30-Cups

    These single-origin Colombian Arabica beans are dark-roasted to bring out a rich, full flavor, good for making 30 cups of coffee.

    Backpacker Magazine named it the BEST CAMP COFFEE. Now, you can just scoop it straight from the bag to make your coffee just the way you like it. Just add water, and you're set to enjoy that top-notch taste whenever you're in the mood. Vitamin Coffee® is all about 100% Colombian Arabica beans and is loaded with vitamins to kickstart your day. Each cup offers a unique fresh dark roast taste plus 13 essential vitamins, perfect for a nutritious pick-me-up or a stress-busting coffee break.

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  2. Liquid Nutrient Mixed Berry Singles 30-Pack

    This Mixed Berry hydration drink, made with real fruit juice powder and sweetened with monk fruit, gives you 30 daily servings. It's loaded with 810mg of electrolytes - sodium, potassium, and chloride - to refill what you lose through sweat and keep you moving smoothly, especially during or after a tough workout.

    And here's the kicker: unlike typical sports drinks, this one's boosted with 3 BCAAs - those muscle-loving Branched Chain Amino Acids that help build muscle, cut down on tiredness, and ease muscle pain.

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  3. Immune Therapy Spiced Apple Singles 10-Pack

    This spiced apple drink is not just tasty; it's a powerhouse with 17 essential vitamins and minerals, plus standout ingredients like quercetin, myrrh, cranberries, and piperine. It's your shortcut to bouncing back quickly, helping you shake off symptoms fast and get you up and moving in no time.

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  4. Creamy Chocolate Shake Singles 5-Pack

    This Creamy Chocolate Shake mixes up some whey protein powder, skim milk, lush cocoa, a pinch of sea salt, and monk fruit to make the tastiest, most nutrient-packed shake out there. It's got everything you want – loads of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and omega-3s.

    • 40 essential nutrients
    • 24g protein, 6g fiber
    • Excellent source of 14 vitamins, 12 minerals
    • 635mg Omega 3 & 539mg Omega 6
    • Gluten free, soy free
    • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
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Staying hydrated is crucial in any survival situation, and Nutrient Survival offers unique beverage options to ensure you get your necessary liquids along with a healthy dose of vitamins.

Their Liquid Nutrient drink mix adds a zesty lime twist to your water, sweetened naturally with stevia, making for a refreshing change from plain drinking water. It’s easy to make; just mix it with cold or boiling water depending on your preference.

Fans of hot beverages will appreciate the instant Vitamin Coffee that packs extra nutrients into every sip. Although its taste might be somewhat different from what you expect from regular coffee, it’s designed to provide both comfort and nutritional value in times when a traditional brew may not be an option.

This powdered form also makes the Vitamin Coffee incredibly easy to carry around; perfect for camping trips or keeping in your emergency food kit without worrying about spoilage or weight.

Evaluating the Taste and Quality of Nutrient Survival Food

Moving beyond mere survival, the true test of any emergency food is how it holds up in taste and quality. We dive into a taste test of Nutrient Survival’s offerings to report if these meals are as satisfying as they are nutritious.

Homestyle Scramble

The Homestyle Scramble serves up a hearty breakfast with its blend of shredded potatoes, sharp cheddar cheese, and colorful mix of red and green peppers. Its balanced flavors satisfy morning hunger without leaving you searching for water or battling heartburn.

Cooking it is straightforward—no guesswork needed—with instructions that ensure every bite is as good as the last.

This entree not only fills your stomach but also offers comfort food appeal, making it easy to kickstart your day in any situation. Gear up for the next taste adventure with Nutrient Survival’s Southwestern Medley, which promises a kick of flavor to keep meals interesting even in emergency situations.

Southwestern Medley

Shifting gears from the breakfast favorite of Homestyle Scramble, Nutrient Survival’s Southwestern Medley is a dinner designed to pack a punch without setting your mouth on fire.

It’s a robust meal with 280 calories per serving that provides the energy one needs at the end of an adventurous day. This hearty entree combines wholesome ingredients for those seeking flavorful nourishment in survival situations.

Southwestern Medley brings together a palette of flavors inspired by southwestern cuisine but skips the heat, making it accessible for anyone who might be sensitive to spicy foods.

Each forkful delivers nutrient-packed calories, ensuring you’re well-fueled whether you’re facing extreme conditions or simply need reliable food storage for unforeseen events.

Vitamin Coffee

Nutrient Survival shakes up your morning routine with Vitamin Coffee, a unique twist on your daily cup. It’s designed to refuel you with essential nutrients while giving you that much-needed caffeine kick.

Unlike traditional coffee, this blend offers vitamins and minerals packed in every sip, though the taste might catch you by surprise if you’re expecting the classic coffee flavor.

Replacing standard brews is easy as Nutrient Survival’s Vitamin Coffee can be prepared just as quickly; however, expect a slightly different experience—its distinct profile comes from its focus on nutrition over nuanced aromas.

Don’t forget to grab their Cookie Bar Meals for a complete, nutrient-packed calories breakfast that keeps you energized and ready to face whatever challenges come your way.

Cookie Bar Meals

The Cookie Bar Meals offer a convenient snack with flavors that cater to anyone looking for a quick breakfast or lunch. Each bar packs 310 nutrient-packed calories, striking the right balance between sustenance and taste, perfect for on-the-go moments.

Think of these bars as an easy way to fuel up without slowing down, no stove or hot meals required.

These tasty treats stand out because they are low in sodium, helping you avoid unwanted thirst or heartburn. With up to 25 years of shelf life if stored properly, these bars are designed for longevity making them an ideal choice for emergency food kits or even backpacking trips where lightweight provisions are essential.

At $55 for 10 servings, the cost is reasonable considering their long term benefits and high caloric density ensuring you’re ready to eat whenever hunger strikes. Keep an eye out for sales by joining Nutrient Survival’s email list; it’s a smart move to save some cash on your next purchase of these hearty cookie bar meals.

Nutrient Value: An Examination of Vitamin and Mineral Content

Nutrient Survival’s food packs a powerful punch with its vitamin and mineral content, designed to meet the demands of survival situations. Each meal offers a robust blend of micronutrients essential for maintaining health under stress.

With options like the Vitamin Coffee or the Cookie Bar Meals, they infuse a careful balance of nutrients into each serving. This helps stave off nutritional deficiencies that can occur when relying on typical emergency rations.

Key products contain pea protein, which serves as an excellent source of plant-based protein packed with amino acids crucial for muscle repair and growth. They’ve also enriched their food with vitamins like folic acid to support various body functions, including cell production and maintenance—a critical factor in long-term survival scenarios where access to fresh produce might be limited.

Importantly, meals are crafted to provide sufficient calories per day without overloading them with sugar or preservatives found in common emergency foods. This approach ensures that you get nutrient-packed calories needed to sustain energy levels during challenging times.

Shelf Life & Storage of Nutrient Survival Food

Storing Nutrient Survival food is stress-free due to its impressive 25-year shelf life. This means you can stock up and not worry about frequent replenishment, making it a reliable choice for emergency preparedness.

The secret lies in the advanced freeze-drying process that removes moisture, locking in flavor and nutrients while inhibiting spoilage. Even after opening, the #10 cans remain usable for an extended period if resealed properly.

For those who need flexibility with their storage, pantry packs are ideal as they feature a zip seal to keep contents fresh once opened. These compact packs make managing portions or rotating supplies simple without compromising on longevity or taste.

Portable packs offer convenience for outdoor adventurers or anyone needing a quick nutritional boost without the hassle of preparation or carrying bulky containers – just add water and enjoy nutrient-packed calories anywhere.

Comparing Nutrient Survival to Competitors

We’ve looked at what Nutrient Survival brings to the table, now let’s see how it stacks up against its rivals in the survival food market.

FeatureNutrient SurvivalCompetitors
Quality of IngredientsNo artificial flavors, colors, or fillersVaries; some use artificial additives
Food Preservation MethodFreeze-drying and dehydrationMostly freeze-drying, some dehydration
Meal VarietyWide range including specialty optionsLimited specialty options
Sodium ContentLow sodium optionsGenerally high in sodium
Nutritional ContentHigh vitamin and mineral fortificationMay lack comprehensive fortification
Shelf LifeUp to 25 years10-25 years depending on the brand
Price PointPremium price for higher qualityRange from budget to premium
AvailabilityOnline, direct-to-customerOnline and in some retail stores

Evaluating Nutrient Survival against its competitors showcases its commitment to quality and nutrition, although it might come at a higher cost. Next up is the cost-effectiveness of investing in Nutrient Survival products.

The Cost of Nutrient Survival Products

Nutrient Survival meals sit at a premium price point compared to everyday supermarket options. You’ll find that investing in their larger meal kits can yield some savings; for example, their biggest kit dishes out 428 servings, which breaks down to about $3.50 per serving.

It’s designed for those serious about stocking up on nutrient-packed calories without multiple trips to the store.

Considering individual items, a 310-calorie entree will set you back $55 for a pack of 10 servings. While this might seem steep at first glance, these meals are not your average pantry fare – they’re loaded with vitamins and minerals made to last through tough times.

Buying Nutrient Survival’s food can be akin to investing in an insurance policy for your nutrition needs during emergencies or adventures alike. Moving forward, customer service and availability play crucial roles in ensuring satisfaction with such investments in emergency preparedness.

Assessing Customer Service and Availability

Assessing a company’s customer service and how easily you can get your hands on their products is crucial. Nutrient Survival understands this, offering customer support through various channels including phone, email, and even live chat options.

Their team responds promptly to inquiries, ensuring that you’re not left hanging when you need assistance with your emergency food kit or have questions about nutrient-packed calories in their meals.

The availability of their survival food is also commendable; they maintain a strong online presence where customers can place orders directly.

In addition to direct purchases from their website, shoppers find Nutrient Survival products on platforms like This multi-channel approach makes it convenient for consumers to buy the freeze-dried foods they trust – anytime and anywhere.

Moving swiftly into the next topic of discussion, let’s dive into our final impression and verdict on Nutrient Survival as a go-to choice for your survival food needs.

Final Impression and Verdict

After exploring customer service and availability, it’s clear that the overall experience with Nutrient Survival is positive. The brand stands out for its comprehensive approach to nutrition in emergency situations.

They deliver not just calories but a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals essential for well-being during stressful times. Each meal from their expansive menu, whether it’s a hearty Homestyle Scambe or a tangy Southwestern Medley, provides sustenance that surpasses many competitors on the market.

Nutrient Survival’s commitment to quality resonates in their freeze-dried optionsmade in the USA without compromise. Their vitamin coffee adds an innovative twist to survival food, offering both comfort and nourishment.

For those seeking more than just preservation, Nutrient Survival optimizes their offerings with nutrient-packed calories aimed at boosting health. With meals like mac and cheese or oatmeal apple meals I’ve tasted personally, I can attest they are among the best-tasting options available—nuanced flavors combined with nutritional density make them a standout choice in any preparedness plan.

Conclusion AND FAQs

When you’re getting ready for the unknown, Nutrient Survival offers food that’s more than just edible—it’s nutritious and tasty. They master freeze-drying to lock in flavors and make meals you’ll actually enjoy eating.

With their 25-year shelf-life guarantee, these foods stand ready for any emergency. Investing in this brand elevates your survival pantry with vitamins and minerals galore. Take a step today towards robust preparedness with Nutrient Survival; it could be the smartest move for peace of mind and body wellness.

What is Nutrient Survival and why should I consider it?

Nutrient Survival is a brand offering high-quality freeze-dried emergency food kits packed with nutrient-rich calories, vitamins, and minerals to support your health.

Can you really save 10% on Nutrient Survival products?

Yes, sometimes promotions are available where you can save 10% on your purchase of their food kits—perfect for stocking up on emergency supplies or trying one of their meals like lasagna.

How does the taste of Nutrient Survival’s food compare to others?

Many reviewers have found that Nutrient Survival offers some of the best tasting options in freeze-dried foods, from pasta dishes to cookies without artificial sweeteners.

Are all the meals from Nutrient Survival easy to prepare with cold water?

Yes! You just add cold water to rehydrate most meals and snacks, making them convenient even when hot water isn’t available.

Does Nutrient Survival offer healthy food choices?

Absolutely! Their range includes whole grains, yogurt, vegetables —all essential for maintaining a balanced diet free from nutritional deficiency.

Is there a best-by date I need to be aware of with these kits?

Sure thing—all pouches come clearly labeled with a best-by date so you know they’re fresh and safe for consumption well into the future.

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