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ReadyWise Emergency Food Review

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When disaster strikes, being prepared with the right food can make all the difference. ReadyWise offers emergency meals that are just a boil away from a hot, comforting dish. Our review digs into taste, variety, and value to guide your emergency planning with confidence.

Keep reading for the real scoop on staying ready with ReadyWise.

Key Takeaways

  • ReadyWise, previously known as Wise Food Company, offers a wide range of emergency food options including long-term food kits with a shelf life of up to 25 years.
  • Their products cater to various dietary needs with gluten – free and vegetarian meal pouches that are both nutritious and easy to prepare by just adding water.
  • The company provides meals designed for taste and quality, aiming to go beyond the expectations of freeze-dried meals in terms of flavor.
  • Investing in ReadyWise means investing in peace of mind, as they offer an Emergency Food Calculator to help customers purchase exactly what they need without overspending.
  • Customer service at ReadyWise is highly regarded for being responsive and efficient in addressing concerns or questions related to their emergency food products.

ReadyWise Company Overview

Diving into the world of emergency rations, we’ll explore ReadyWise, a leader in the preparedness industry known for its comprehensive survival food solutions. Headquartered amid the Rocky Mountains’ foothold, this company has made strides to ensure peace of mind with quality and reliability at the heart of their offerings.

Where is ReadyWise based?

ReadyWise calls the United States home, with its headquarters firmly planted on American soil. This location is central to their commitment to providing emergency food supplies that meet rigorous quality and safety standards.

Every product from ReadyWise is proudly made in the USA, tapping into local resources and manufacturing processes. Their strategic positioning allows them to quickly distribute survival food kits across the country, ensuring customers have access to their emergency reserves when they need them most.

From long-term storage options to freeze-dried meal buckets, ReadyWise stands as a reliable supplier for preppers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, all orchestrated from their US base of operations.

Are Readywise and Wise the Same Company?

Moving on from the company’s location, it’s important to address a common question about brand identityWise Food Company underwent a significant transformation and is now known as ReadyWise.

This change wasn’t just in name; it marked a broader shift in the business focus towards enhanced emergency food options and greater transparency for consumers.

As ReadyWise, the organization has expanded its reach and refined its product line, ensuring that it provides top-notch survival food kits with an emphasis on taste, quality, and longevity.

They have made strides in offering better information to customers who rely on their products for emergency preparedness or outdoor adventures.

Types of Survival Food Offered by ReadyWise

ReadyWise takes pride in catering to various needs with a diverse lineup of emergency food options. From freeze-dried fruits for a quick snack to comprehensive meal buckets for long-term preparedness, they’ve got your survival dining covered.

Long-Term Food Kits

Preparing for the unexpected, long-term food kits from ReadyWise offer peace of mind with their full-year food supply options. These kits are designed to sustain individuals or families during extended emergencies, providing balanced nutrition and a wide range of meal choices.

The convenience of having a reliable food source can be essential in times of crisis.

Each kit contains an assortment of freeze-dried meals that only require water to prepare, making the process quick and simple. With the longest shelf life on the market—up to 25 years—their emergency supplies ensure you’re well-equipped for any situation without worrying about frequent restocking.

From breakfast oatmeal to hearty dinners like mac and cheese, these long-term storage solutions make planning for emergencies straightforward and stress-free.

6 Month, Emergency Food Supply
$1,199.99 ($100.00 / Count)

What's Included:

  • 3 pouches of Teriyaki Rice (18 total servings) 
  • 2 pouches of Creamy Pasta & Vegetables (12 total servings)
  • 3 pouches of Pancakes Mix (30 total servings) 
  • 4 pouches of BBQ Beans (32 total servings) 
  • 4 pouches of Cheesy Macaroni (24 total servings)
  • 4 pouches of Hearty Tortilla Soup (24 total servings)
  • 5 pouches of Pasta Alfredo (30 total servings)
  • 6 pouches of Instant White Rice (60 total servings) 
  • 1 pouch of Dried Banana Chips (10 total servings) 
  • 2 pouches of Whey Milk Alternative (24 total servings)
  • 2 pouches of Orange Drink Mix (32 total servings) 
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02/18/2024 09:08 pm GMT

The product above is a culinary masterpiece, created by a team of in-house experts, and it’s not just about great taste; it’s also about keeping you well-fed and ready for anything. Each day, you’re looking at over 1,900 calories and more than 50g of protein, ensuring you’ve got the energy to face any emergency. The variety is impressive, spanning from breakfast through dinner, with the crowd-pleasing Whey Milk included, so your meals are always interesting. What’s really amazing is the shelf life; thanks to a smart mix of freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients, these meals can last up to 25 years without needing refrigeration. Plus, they’ve designed it to be super easy to store, fitting neatly under a bed, in a closet, or in the trunk of a car. And when it comes to meal prep, it couldn’t be simpler: just add water, and you’re all set.

The company has structured its offerings into four distinct bucket sizes, each with a specified serving count and total caloric content, as follows:

Freeze-Fried Bulk Food Buckets

ReadyWise takes emergency food supply to the next level with their freeze-dried bulk food buckets. These buckets pack a punch in terms of variety and volume, offering an extensive array of items from meats and vegetables to fruits and eggs.

They make long-term storage easy, providing peace of mind for any unforeseen circumstances. The whey milk alternative included is perfect for those seeking dairy-free options or anyone aiming to have a well-rounded pantry.

  1. Meat Variety Bucket, 60 Servings
    $245.48 ($5.11 / Ounce)

    This 60-serving freeze-dried meat bucket, plus a bonus 20 servings of rice, is a game-changer for anyone looking to beef up their emergency food stash. Perfect for those unexpected weather surprises like snowstorms or hurricanes. The taste is surprisingly good for freeze-dried and dehydrated options, and they whip up in no time with just a splash of water. What's more, the buckets are designed to stack neatly and come with a handy handle, making them a snap to store and grab on the go.

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    02/18/2024 08:42 pm GMT
  2. Fruit Bucket, 120 Servings,

    The 120-serving freeze-dried fruit bucket is an excellent choice for boosting your emergency food supplies. It's a smart move to have on hand for any weather-related emergencies like snowstorms or hurricanes. These delicious freeze-dried and dehydrated fruits are a breeze to prepare—just add water, and you're all set in minutes. Plus, they're packed in stackable buckets that feature a convenient Grab-N-Go handle, making storage and transportation a piece of cake.

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    02/18/2024 08:32 pm GMT
  3. Vegetable Bucket, 120 Servings
    239,99 € (239,99 € / stück)

    This 120-serving bucket of freeze-dried veggies is a must-have for stocking up your emergency food supplies. Great for staying prepared during snowstorms, hurricanes, or any weather emergencies. These freeze-dried and dehydrated veggies taste great and are super easy to prepare - just add water and you're ready in minutes. They're also packed in stackable buckets with a convenient Grab-N-Go handle, making them simple to store and carry along.

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    02/18/2024 09:02 pm GMT
  4. Powdered Eggs Bucket, 144 Servings
    $175.49 ($2.63 / Ounce)

    This 144-serving bucket of powdered eggs is a versatile addition to your emergency stash, outdoor gear, or daily pantry essentials. No need to worry about keeping them cold, as they don't require refrigeration. They're a cinch to whip up, super handy to keep around, and with a 10-year shelf-life, you can rest easy knowing you're set for the long haul.

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    02/18/2024 08:57 pm GMT
  5. Whey Milk Alternative Bucket, 120 Servings

    Every bucket packs 120 servings of long-lasting powdered whey milk, all neatly stored in tough mylar pouches. Just add water, and in no time, you've got milk ready to go. It's a nutritious and tasty complement to your ReadyWise meals, perfect for rounding out your entrees and breakfasts.

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    02/18/2024 08:47 pm GMT

Users appreciate the convenience these buckets offer, knowing they can store ample amounts of nutritious food that’s ready at a moment’s notice. Rehydrating meals is straightforward—just add water and you’re set with a hot meal that feels as good as home-cooked fare.

Packed neatly, each bucket stores effortlessly in your home or designated emergency area, ensuring you stay prepared without sacrificing valuable space.

Review and Rating of ReadyWise Emergency Food

Dive into the heart of what makes ReadyWise stand out as we dissect the flavor, diversity, and preparation ease of their emergency food offerings. Discover if these meals can truly hold up when you need them most and whether they’re worth investing in for your peace-of-mind pantry.

Taste and Quality

ReadyWise emergency food steps up to the plate with flavors that defy the typical expectations of freeze-dried meals. Their extensive selection includes savory options which have evolved far beyond bland survival fare, offering an array of seasoned dishes designed to provide comfort during stressful times.

These meals, tried and tested by customers in various situations, from camping trips to real-life emergencies, consistently receive praise for their palatable taste.

Quality isn’t skimped on either; ReadyWise commits to providing nutritious emergency food that doesn’t just fill you up but fuels your body. Incorporating a balance of nutrients essential for health and energy makes their product line not only satisfactory in taste but also beneficial for sustenance.

With offerings spanning organic and specialty dietary requirements like gluten-free and vegetarian options, they ensure a broad appeal while focusing on wholesome ingredients that contribute positively to long-term storage stability without sacrificing flavor.

Range of Meals

Moving beyond taste and quality, the variety ReadyWise offers stands out in the emergency food market. They boast an impressive selection of meal options, ensuring you won’t get tired of eating the same thing in a crisis.

From hot cereals for breakfast to soups and stews for dinner, there’s something to satisfy everyone. Their collection includes organic choices as well as freeze-dried meat and veggies that lock in flavor and nutrients.

Catering to different dietary needs is a priority for ReadyWise; they provide gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian meal pouches perfect for those with specific food preferences or restrictions.

This commitment means that even during emergencies, you can maintain your usual diet without compromise. With meals designed to offer balanced nutrition and ample calories, your emergency food supply turns into a source of comfort no matter what situation arises.

Ease of Cooking

After exploring the range of meals ReadyWise offers, it’s worth noting how they make cooking a breeze. The process is straightforward: add boiling water directly to the freeze-dried meal, and wait for it to rehydrate.

This simplicity is perfect for situations where time and resources are limited. There’s no need for pots or pans, making cleanup non-existent.

For those concerned about meal prep during emergencies or outdoor adventures, ReadyWise has taken the hassle out of cooking. Their emergency food supply kits come with incredibly easy directions that anyone can follow—no culinary skills needed! In moments money cannot buy convenience; this feature certainly adds value to their food supply solutions tailored for ease in any situation.

Shelf Life

ReadyWise emergency food supplies boast an impressive shelf life that can extend up to 25 years, depending on the product. This longevity is due to the expert freeze-drying and packaging process which seals in freshness and protects against spoilage. Readywise has teamed up with ExxonMobil to make an ultra-high barrier film for its packaging called Metallyte™ metalized oriented polypropylene (OPP). This films is designed to provide optimum protection for oxygen and moisture sensitive products with long shelf-life requirements. It has an exceptional barrier to oxygen, flavors and aromas and has an excellent water vapor barrier.

Consumers find this feature extremely appealing as it allows for long-term food storage without worrying about constant rotation or expiration.

The hearty selection of meals from ReadyWise includes options like meat, fruit, vegetables, eggs, and a whey milk alternative. By keeping these essentials in your pantry or bug-out bag, you ensure a balanced meal solution even during unexpected emergencies or outdoor adventures where fresh produce is not an option.

With ReadyWise’s dedication to quality preservation techniques, maintaining a nutritious diet becomes easier over extended periods of time without access to traditional food sources.

Special Dietary Options

For those with specific dietary needs, ReadyWise has taken into consideration the importance of inclusivity in their emergency food offerings. Whether you adhere to a vegetarian lifestyle or require gluten-free meals, ReadyWise ensures that everyone can have access to suitable sustenance when it matters most.

Gluten-Free Options

  1. Gluten-Free Bucket, 84 Servings

    This 84-serving gluten-free grab & go bucket is a standout choice for supplementing any emergency food stash. The freeze-dried and dehydrated meals taste great and are incredibly easy to prepare—just mix in water, and they're ready in minutes. The packaging is clever too, with stackable buckets that feature a Grab-N-Go handle, ensuring they're not only easy to store but also to transport.

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  2. Gluten-Free Soup Variety Pack

    Spoil your loved ones with some seriously tasty, easy-to-make soup. Each pack dishes out 8 servings, ensuring a cozy, comforting bowl for everyone at the table. So, why hold off? Dive in and give it a go today!

    With just simple, real ingredients and zero artificial flavors, these soups are a win-win. They're shelf-stable, making them perfect for stocking up for any surprise needs. The recipes are thoughtfully designed to delight the whole family. Choose from five incredible gluten-free options, all of which are ready to enjoy in just minutes.

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    02/18/2024 08:17 pm GMT
  3. Gluten-Free, Freeze-Dried Strawberries & Bananas, 24 Servings, 6 Pack
    $24.99 ($3.79 / Ounce)

    This box comes with six pouches of Simple Kitchen's (by ReadyWise) freeze-dried strawberries and bananas.

    Here's the scoop:

    Each pouch has a serving size of 32 grams.

    You get one serving in each pouch.

    There are 100 calories in every pouch.

    The net weight per pouch is 1.1 ounces.

    These snacks have a shelf life of 3 years.

    They're gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly.

    Proudly made in the USA.

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    02/18/2024 07:58 pm GMT

ReadyWise understands the importance of accommodating various dietary needs, including gluten-free diets. They offer an array of gluten-free meal pouches designed specifically for those who avoid gluten.

  • Gluten-Free Meal Variety: ReadyWise offers a selection of emergency food that is safe for individuals with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. These meals are carefully prepared to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Label Transparency: Every gluten-free product comes with clear nutritional labels so consumers can be confident in their choice. These labels provide essential information about ingredients and allergen warnings.
  • Taste Without Compromise: Gluten-free options from ReadyWise are created to match the taste and quality of their regular meals, ensuring a pleasant eating experience during an emergency.
  • Convenient Preparation: Just like the rest of ReadyWise’s offerings, the gluten-free meals are easy to prepare—often requiring only water and a few minutes to rehydrate.
  • Shelf Stability: Gluten-Free options by ReadyWise are designed for longevity, maintaining freshness and taste over extended periods thanks to their specialized packaging techniques.

Vegetarian Options

Catering to diverse dietary choices, ReadyWise offers a variety of vegetarian meal pouches. These options are perfect for those who avoid meat, whether for health reasons or ethical beliefs.

  • Diverse Selection:
  • Ethical Vegetarian Choices:
  • Nutritionally Balanced:
  • Ease of Preparation:
  • Taste Ensured:
  • Storage and Shelf Life:
  • Allergy-Friendly Options:

Cost and Value for Money

ReadyWise takes pride in offering a range of food supplies that cater to different needs and budgets. Their emergency food kits come at various price points, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your financial situation.

Whether you need a basic starter kit for camping trips or a comprehensive year-long supply for your family, ReadyWise has structured their pricing to reflect the quantity and quality of food provided.

The large selection includes everything from freeze-dried meal buckets to individual pouches, ensuring there’s an affordable choice for every type of buyer.

Investing in ReadyWise products means paying for more than just calories; it’s about securing peace of mind with nutritionally balanced meals ready when disaster strikes. They stand out by including specialized options like gluten-free and vegetarian meals without significant cost increases over standard offerings.

This focus on inclusive dietary preferences elevates the value proposition they offer customers looking for tailored emergency food solutions. Plus, their Emergency Food Calculator can help eliminate guesswork and potential overspending by recommending exactly how much food you’ll need based on your specific criteria.

Customer Service Review

ReadyWise takes customer feedback seriously, quickly addressing concerns and questions. Users report that when reaching out to support with issues or inquiries, responses are prompt and helpful.

People praise the staff for being knowledgeable about their emergency food products, which instills confidence in consumers during purchase decisions. The company’s commitment to effective communication plays a significant role in maintaining high customer satisfaction levels.

Several product reviews on highlight experiences where ReadyWise resolved problems efficiently. If an order came damaged or items were missing, the team worked swiftly to correct these mishaps.

This level of attentive service makes a big difference for customers who rely on ReadyWise for their emergency food supply needs. Shoppers value this reliability and often share positive stories about their interactions with the customer service team online.

Conclusion and FAQ’s

In your quest for reliable emergency sustenance, ReadyWise stands as a beacon of variety and taste. Imagine having peace of mind with food that’s both easy to prepare and satisfying for the palate; this is what they offer.

It goes beyond mere survival—ReadyWise personalizes your preparedness plans with specialty diet options and an impressive shelf-life. Delving into their array of products equips you for any unexpected event, ensuring nutrition won’t be your worry.

Take action today to safeguard your future; because when it comes to being ready, compromise is not an option.

1. What is ReadyWise emergency food supply?

ReadyWise emergency food supply is a collection of freeze-dried meals that come in a bucket, designed to be easily stored for emergencies like natural disasters or survival trips.

2. How long can the ReadyWise meal bucket last?

The ReadyWise meal buckets are made to last up to 25 years, depending on how you store them, making it a reliable option you select for long-term food storage.

3. Can I use ReadyWise foods when I go camping?

Absolutely! While it’s for emergencies, many people find ReadyWise foods convenient and easy to prepare when they’re camping or hiking in the great outdoors.

4. Are there vegetarian options available with ReadyWise products?

Yes, among their tons of options are vegetarian meals which cater to those who don’t eat meat for ethical reasons or dietary preferences.

5. Does the taste of ReadyWise compare with regular restaurant meals?

While not quite like eating at Morton’s Steakhouse, users have complemented this brand’s taste profile as one standout feature – many consider it the next best thing when rehydrating the meals in situations where gourmet food isn’t accessible.

6. Is there variety within the Readywise freeze-dried meal bucket?

Certainly! The bucket stores easily and comes packed with various meal choices such as pasta dishes, pancakes and even desserts making it versatile enough to augment meals daily.

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