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Explore La Carolina Lodge In Costa Rica’s Enchanting Rainforest

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Discover La Carolina Lodge, nestled in Costa Rica’s lush rainforest. This enchanting destination offers more than just a getaway; it presents an immersive retreat into nature’s serenity, coupled with genuine Costa Rican hospitality and adventure.

With wooden cabins perched by the river and the soothing warmth of a wood-fired hot tub under the stars, this lodge is your gateway to disconnect and reconnect in one of the most vibrant ecosystems.

It stands as a testament to tranquility, promising unforgettable experiences, from horseback riding through verdant trails to waking up to the symphony of exotic birds.

As pioneers at, we’ve ventured deep into off-grid living within Costa Rica’s jungle oasis ourselves. Our journey inspired us to share hidden gems like La Carolina Lodge with fellow explorers seeking authentic travel experiences that tread lightly on Earth yet leave profound impressions on their soul.

Here, you’ll feast on farm-to-table meals prepared over a wood-burning stove and fall asleep to the sound of rushing river waters—a true testament to sustainable luxury blending seamlessly with rustic charm.

Embrace this unique chance for adventure and relaxation alike; let La Carolina Lodge transform your travel expectations completely.


Explore Accommodations and Amenities at La Carolina Lodge


Lodge in the Costa Rican Rainforest
La Carolina Lodge Cabin


La Carolina Lodge offers cozy accommodations nestled in the enchanting Bijagua de Upala, Alajuela. Family rooms are available, making it perfect for all types of travelers. Enjoy free parking and connect with the world through free internet access during your stay. The lodge turns moments into memories with amenities like a hot tub for relaxing, complimentary breakfast to start your day right, and trails for hiking adventures right at your doorstep.

Horseback riding invites you into Costa Rica’s lush landscapes, while pet-friendly accommodations mean no member of the family gets left behind.

You plunge into a transformative experience amidst tropical beauty overlooking a freshwater river. La Carolina Lodge is more than just an accommodation; it’s an invitation to immerse in pure Costa Rican bliss.

From waking up to the sound of the river to savoring delicious local cuisine prepared in our wood-burning stove kitchen, every detail here aims to connect you deeper with nature’s wonders including sloths and toucans in their natural habitat.

Experience off-the-grid living while still enjoying comfort crafted thoughtfully within each cabin designed for minimal electricity use—bring a flashlight!


Experience the Immersive Rainforest at La Carolina Lodge


Step into the lush rainforest that surrounds La Carolina Lodge. You are in Bijagua de Upala, Alajuela province – a place where nature thrives. Here, tropical forests cover the land as far as you can see.

The lodge sits on these verdant slopes, offering views of meadows and the fresh water river below.

Enjoy encounters with vivid wildlife; monkeys play in trees while colorful birds like toucans and hummingbirds fly around. Walk by flowers and plants unique to this area. Take a dip in the crystal-clear river for a refreshing swim after exploring.

Every step here connects you with nature’s untouched beauty.


Discover Activities and Adventures in Costa Rica’s Rainforest



La Carolina Lodge offers you unforgettable adventures right in the thick of Costa Rica’s rainforest. With a variety of activities, you’ll find something that suits your taste for adventure and nature.

      • Tour Tapir Valley Nature Reserve for a chance to see rare wildlife in their natural habitat.

      • Join Spring Paradise Bijagua Tours for guided explorations focusing on local flora and fauna.

      • Experience horseback riding across rolling fields and streams to get a feel of the rich Costa Rican landscape.

      • Take guided hikes to Rio Celeste and discover the stunning blue waters that make this area famous.

      • Visit natural hot springs accessible by guided hikes, offering relaxation amidst volcanic scenery.

      • Enjoy birdwatching opportunities that let you spot colorful toucans and parrots in their natural environment.

      • Challenge yourself with hikes, where guides point out orchids, frogs, and insects unique to this ecosystem.

      • Stay active with “gym” sessions in the yoga studio by the river, blending exercise with nature’s tranquility.

    Savor Dining and Local Cuisine at La Carolina Lodge


    At La Carolina Lodge, you eat three meals a day prepared on wood-fired stoves. They serve these meals family-style on an open porch. You get to enjoy Costa Rican dishes made with fresh ingredients from local farms.

    Picture sitting at a large wooden table next to the kitchen, sharing stories and laughter over delicious food.

    The lodge offers a true “farm to table” experience. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are not just included but are celebrations of traditional Tico flavors. As adventurers living off-grid in Costa Rica, we’ve experienced how meals bring people together here.

    At La Carolina Lodge, they understand this well. The atmosphere during meal times is warm and welcoming, making every dish taste even better.




    La Carolina Lodge offers you a unique chance to connect with nature in Costa Rica’s vibrant rainforest. Enjoy peaceful stays in wooden lodges by the river, relax in natural hot tubs, and taste local food prepared from farm to table.

    Adventures await with horseback riding and hiking through lush landscapes to see wonders like the Rio Celeste waterfall. This eco-lodge, celebrated for its commitment to nature and safety, makes it easy for travelers like you seeking off-grid experiences.

    With our love for off-grid living at, we find La Carolina Lodge perfectly aligns with your desire to explore while respecting the planet.



    1. What makes La Carolina Lodge special in Costa Rica?

    La Carolina Lodge offers a unique Costa Rican experience with its location nestled on the eastern slopes of Tenorio Volcano, overlooking a fresh water river. Enjoy traditional dishes, horseback rides to Rio Celeste Waterfall, and cabins designed for family travel.

    2. Can you milk cows at La Carolina Lodge?

    Yes, you can join in milking cows as part of your stay. The lodge operates as a working farm offering guests hands-on experiences like dairy cattle milking.

    3.What activities can you do at La Carolina Lodge?

    Guests can enjoy horseback riding, fishing in crystal clear rivers, hiking to Tenorio Volcano National Park or simply unwind in hammocks after a long day exploring.

    4. How does dining work at the lodge?

    Meals are included with your stay, served warmly by staff using wood burning stoves and limited electricity for an authentic dining experience by candlelight.

    5. Do the cabins have private bathrooms?

    Yes, each rustic cabin comes with its own private bathroom ensuring comfort during your stay amidst lush tropical forest settings

    6. Is there electricity and Wi-Fi available at La Carolina Lodge?

    The cabins have limited electricity emphasizing an "unplug" experience from digital devices; however, points for charging and internet are provided in common areas allowing guests to connect when necessary.
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