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Pura Selva Eco Tree House in Tamarindo

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Travelers often seek destinations that combine the thrill of adventure with the tranquility of nature. The challenge lies in finding a spot that offers not just comfort but also sustains its surrounding environment.

Pura Selva Tree House, nestled near Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, stands out as an exemplary eco-friendly accommodation. This lodge utilizes sustainable materials and practices to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Pura Selva provides guests with an immersive experience in the jungle‘s heart while keeping beaches and cultural sites within reach. With treehouses equipped with kitchens and private terraces, visitors can enjoy the sounds of nature up close.

This blog post will guide travelers through everything from reaching Pura Selva to enjoying local adventures and dining options. Journey into sustainability at Pura Selva Tree House.

Location and Accessibility: How to Reach Pura Selva Tree House in Costa Rica

Pura Selva Tree House offers a unique stay in Guatemala de Santa Rosa, near Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This eco tree house is just 4.3 miles from the nearest airport and ten minutes from Tamarindo’s famed beach.

  1. Fly into Tamarindo Airport, which is the closest at only 4.3 miles away. From there, guests can use the paid airport shuttle service offered by Pura Selva.
  2. Drive to Tamarindo beach in just ten minutes for sunbathing and water sports.
  3. Secure parking is available for those traveling by car, ensuring a worry-free stay.
  4. Before arrival, guests must inform Pura Selva of their expected time to make sure everything is ready.
  5. The location also serves as an excellent base to explore nearby attractions such as canopy vista Tamarindo and the village of Santa Rosa.
  6. Booking your stay requires a quick contact with the property; they provide all details needed for a smooth check-in process.

This guide helps travelers prepare for their off-grid adventure to Costa Rica with ease, highlighting essential travel information for Pura Selva Tree House.

Accommodation Overview: Unique Features and Comforts of Pura Selva Tree House

The Pura Selva Tree House, nestled in Costa Rica, offers a stay unlike any other with its blend of unique features and comforts. Each treehouse, including the prominent Tree House Queen Melina, spans a 25m² area and is carefully constructed on a sturdy yellow melina tree.

These structures boast not just aesthetic appeal but functional excellence with fully equipped kitchens for an inspiring culinary experience and private terraces that serve as vantage points to immerse guests in the lush surroundings.

The living spaces are designed to maximize comfort while offering panoramic views of the verdant canopy, ensuring every moment inside is as enchanting as it is outside.

Guests can expect unparalleled comfort during their stay with room amenities customized for convenience and luxury. Balconies enhance the living areas by providing personal outdoor space to relish in the natural beauty or enjoy breakfast options which include à la carte, continental, or vegetarian choices prepared from locally sourced ingredients.

Bathrooms come equipped with showers stocked with free toiletries to add that extra touch of home comfort amidst the wilderness. High scores across various aspects such as staff interaction, facility quality, cleanliness standards, and overall comfort levels value for money invested into your experience here; position Pura Selva Tree House as an exemplary choice for travelers seeking an eco-friendly accommodation without sacrificing modern comforts within Tamarindo’s vibrant ecosystem.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness: Green Practices at Pura Selva Tree House

Pura Selva Tree House stands out for its commitment to the planet. This eco tree house in Tamarindo uses materials that don’t harm the earth. They make sure every piece of wood and tool used builds a better future.

For each tree used in construction, they plant more trees, sticking to a strong reforestation plan. Their dedication doesn’t stop there; they manage waste, water, and energy very carefully to keep the air clean and help the community.

Matt and Amy from have seen many green homes but say Pura Selva’s approach is top-notch. Guests give this place high marks for being kind to nature. The tree houses blend with the surroundings so well, offering a stay that respects both comfort and conservation.

Here, saving water and energy is part of daily life. Plus, by staying here, visitors support local nature projects without giving up modern comforts like hot showers or fresh meals made in a kitchenette equipped with a fridge and stovetop—proof that luxury and love for the planet can go hand in hand at Pura Selva Tree House.

Activities and Nearby Attractions: Explore Nature and Adventure Near Pura Selva Tree House

Pura Selva Tree House offers a gateway to adventure and natural exploration. Guests find themselves surrounded by Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity and a range of outdoor activities.

• Hiking trails lead adventurers through dense jungles to discover hidden waterfalls and breathtaking views. These paths are perfect for all skill levels, encouraging guests to immerse themselves in nature.

• Zip-lining experiences near the eco-tree house offer thrilling rides above the canopy, providing unique perspectives of the forest below and its wildlife.

• Whitewater rafting on nearby rivers combines excitement with the beauty of Costa Rica’s landscapes, suitable for beginners and seasoned rafters alike.

• Surfing at Guanacaste’s beautiful beaches caters to surfers of all abilities. The area’s consistent waves make it an ideal destination for catching your first wave or mastering new tricks.

• Exploring waterfalls allows visitors to cool off in crystal-clear pools after a hike, with several stunning cascades within easy reach of Pura Selva.

• Hot springs near the tree house offer a relaxing retreat. These natural pools are perfect for unwinding after a day of adventure.

• Black Stallion Eco Park & Estates provides horse riding experiences that showcase the beauty of Costa Rican landscapes and local wildlife up close.

• Spa Maya invites guests to rejuvenate with treatments inspired by ancient healing practices, nestled in serene natural surroundings.

• APAMI Wild Life tours give insights into Costa Rica’s efforts to protect its diverse ecosystem, making for educational and inspiring outings.

• Kingpin Sportfishing allows fishing enthusiasts access to some of the best spots for a chance to catch marlin, tuna, and more in the Pacific waters.

Guests enjoy these activities amidst quiet environments highly recommended for their wildlife sightings. Quality breakfast energizes them each morning before they start their adventures.

Dining Options: Enjoy Local and Sustainable Cuisine at Pura Selva Tree House

Guests at Pura Selva Tree House start their day with a breakfast menu that features fresh tropical fruits and traditional casados. They offer a choice of à la carte, continental, or vegetarian options.

Reviews praise the quality of breakfast for its freshness and taste. For other meals, the tree house encourages dining on local and sustainable cuisine. Guests can try nearby restaurants like Hir Fine Dining, Black Stallion Ranch Style BBQ, Pangas Beach Club, and Bohemia Restaurante Lounge which all value sustainability in their offerings.

While prices for dishes at these places are higher than average local spots, they serve larger portions that justify the cost. This approach supports the community by using locally sourced ingredients and provides guests an authentic culinary experience unique to Tamarindo pura selva eco tree house setting.

Facilities and Services: Essential Amenities for Your Stay at Pura Selva Tree House

Pura Selva Tree House offers free private parking, making it easy for guests to come and go as they please. The tree house features essential amenities such as a balcony, kitchenette with a fridge and stovetop, bathroom with shower, and free toiletries.

Guests can enjoy additional services like grocery deliveries, daily housekeeping, private check-in/out, wake-up service, express check-in/out, and an airport shuttle from the nearest airport in Tamarindo.

Free internet access across all areas ensures guests stay connected.

The accommodation welcomes pets but requires that they do not disturb other guests. Each space is equipped with a freezer, refrigerator on the balcony or in the private yard/terrace for personal use.

For comfort during their stay at this eco-tree house near Tamarindo Pura Selva area, visitors will find linens and towels provided along with ceiling fans to cool off under the Costa Rican sun.

Wi-Fi connection keeps everyone online while exploring this unique retreat nestled within nature’s embrace.

Travel Tips: Prepare for Your Off-Grid Adventure to Costa Rica

Traveling off-grid requires preparation and attention to details. Here are essential tips for your trip to Pura Selva Tree House in Costa Rica.

  1. Book flights to the nearest airport, Tamarindo, located 7 km from Pura Selva.
  2. Plan arrivals between 16:00 and 21:00 and departures from 05:00 to 10:00 to meet check-in and check-out times.
  3. Use Tripadvisor Rental Inbox for safe contact and payment; it offers Payment Protection.
  4. Carry cash for payments as the property accepts only this method.
  5. Notify the host of your expected arrival time using contact details provided after booking.
  6. Understand cancellation policies: Get a full refund if you cancel more than 60 days before staying, half back if four weeks prior, and a quarter two weeks before.
  7. Pack light but include essentials for eco-tree house living like flashlights, eco-friendly toiletries, and comfortable shoes for exploring nature around Tamarindo.
  8. Prepare for an eco-friendly stay by learning about practices that minimize waste and conserve resources; Pura Selva is built with sustainability in mind.
  9. Consider meal planning since the house features a fully equipped kitchenette with fridge and stovetop plus options for continental or vegetarian breakfast.
  10. Explore local attractions like Playa Tamarindo, boasting gardens and an exceptional experience close to nature’s heart – plan transportation accordingly.
  11. Children of all ages are welcome, so pack accordingly if traveling with family ensuring they have everything needed for an enjoyable stay.
  12. Familiarize yourself with the area’s activities such as visiting nearby Tamarindo Church or engaging in sustainable dining experiences at the property to deepen your retreat experience.

Adhering to these tips ensures a smooth journey enveloped in the rustic charm of Pura Selva while enjoying modern comforts off the grid.


1. What is the Pura Selva Tree House in Costa Rica?

The Pura Selva Tree House is a private getaway located in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. It’s an eco-friendly accommodation combining rustic charm with modern comforts to create an unforgettable experience.

2. How are the tree houses at Pura Selva constructed?

The tree houses at Pura Selva are built using sustainable materials, showcasing amazing craftsmanship for minimal impact on nature.

3. What amenities does the Pura Selva Tree House offer?

Pura Selva offers a fully equipped kitchenette including a fridge and stovetop as well as a coffee maker. Guests can enjoy vegetarian breakfast and have access to great facilities like spacious showers with hot water.

4. Where exactly is this property situated?

This one-of-a-kind retreat is nestled in the heart of nature, just km away from Tamarindo’s center. The nearest airport is also Tamarindo making it convenient for travelers.

5. What makes staying at Pura Selva unique?

Staying at Pura Selva allows guests to enjoy breathtaking views from their private balcony and get close encounters with local wildlife such as monkeys amidst lush greenery.

6. How has been the guest experience at Pura Selva so far?

Guests rate their stay highly due to excellent service, beautiful surroundings, awesome breakfast and friendly staff which all contribute towards its review score of 9.5.


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