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Crunchy Rainbow Candy Time: The Longevity Of Freeze Dried Skittles In Survival Kits

hiker holding freeze dried skittles

When prepping for the unknown, every item in a survival kit must earn its place. Once dried, they boast an impressive shelf life and pack a flavorful punch that’s hard to beat in dire situations.

This article will delve into why these rainbow-colored delights could become staples in your emergency gear, offering both comfort and calories when you need them most. Keep reading to discover how they can offer big benefits in survival scenarios and pack a taste sensation. 

Key Takeaways

  • Freeze dried skittles can last up to 25 years in the right conditions, making them a reliable refreshment for survival kits.
  • The process removes moisture from the candy, preserving their flavor and creating a crispy texture.
  • These lightweight sugary bites offer quick energy and comfort during emergencies or outdoor activities like hiking and camping.
  • Proper storage is crucial for maintaining freshnessMylar bags with oxygen absorbers are recommended.

Understanding Freeze-Drying: A Quick Overview

skittles before and after freeze drying

Freeze-drying, also known as lyophilization, is a food preservation process that removes moisture from perishable goods while maintaining their nutritional content and structure. It starts with flash freezing the item at temperatures around -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

After freezing, the items are placed in a vacuum chamber where low pressure causes ice to convert directly into vapor—a process called sublimation. This technique of moisture removal bypasses the liquid phase entirely, which means the structural integrity remains intact ensuring that fruity flavor we love in confectionery stays preserved.

The method’s magic lies in its ability to lock down flavors and nutrients more effectively than traditional drying techniques. For survivalists or anyone looking to stock up on long-lasting refreshments, this translates into crispy treats maintaining much of their original taste and nutrition for years.

The use of specialized freeze dryers makes it possible for both small businesses and individual consumers to have access to premium confectionary that stands up against time and elements—be it tucked away in a resealable bag within a survival kit or enjoyed during movie night under the stars.

The Allure of lyophilization bites in Survival Scenarios

Hiker eating freeze dried skittles for a energy boost

The allure of having sugary treats in survival kits taps into our innate desire for a touch of sweetness amidst the unpredictability of emergencies. It’s not just about satisfying a sugar craving; these vibrant morsels bring psychological comfort and a momentary escape from the stark reality of survival situations.

Flavor Variety

They absolutely burst with intense flavor. Hikers love these treats for their delicious variety. You get the same original rainbow colors and tastes but crunchier.

Think ripe strawberries, zesty lime, and delicious orange packed into every bite. Gourmet kitchens also use lyophilization food to explore new flavors.

This twist on classic skittles candy makes them a favorite in survival kits too. Freeze drying locks in the taste while making them light and easy to carry. 

Long Shelf-Life

They can stay good for up to 25 years. This is when they are dried right and kept in the best conditions. You need airtight containers or Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers to keep them this long.

The nibbles stays safe from moisture, air, and light in these storage options. They are key to keeping your freeze dried treats tasting fresh.

Keeping them dry and sealed means you can enjoy their flavor even years later. Next up is how freeze drying can make flavors pop even more.

Lightweight and Convenient

These treats offer a big advantage: they’re super light and easy to carry around. You won’t even notice them in your backpack! This makes them perfect for any adventure, from a hike in the woods to an emergency survival situation.

Since they’re so light, you can pack more without weighing down your bag.

They come in handy packages that are simple to open and enjoy wherever you are. There’s no mess, no fuss—just tear open the package and treat yourself. These bites turn into quick pick-me-ups that keep well over time thanks to their long shelf life of up to 25 years.

So, whether it’s for daily consumption or part of a disaster prep plan, having them on hand means you’re always ready with something sugary and satisfying at your fingertips.

The Science Behind Flavor Enhancement

What freeze dried skittles look like

Firstly, they offer a stronger taste. This happens because the process removes water, leaving behind concentrated flavor. While eating fresh are chewy and soft, freezing then vacuuming them creates a crispy treat. The intense flavor hits your taste buds right away.

Experts say freeze drying can change the texture of foods. The original fruit flavors become more pronounced in this crispy form. Without moisture to dilute them, even sour skittles might seem even tangier than before! People love this new way to enjoy their favorite bites – it’s an exciting twist that keeps the vibrant colors and gives you a satisfying crunch.

The Process of Freeze Drying

Freeze drying turns them into a crunchable treat. This method locks in flavor, making them a perfect treat for on-the-go adventures. Here’s how the magic happens:

  • Start with your original bag; make sure they’re fresh for the best result.
  • Spread the treats in a single layer on the freeze dryer trays, ensuring they don’t touch.
  • Next, place the trays into your freeze dryer.
  • The freeze dryer lowers the temperature inside to below freezing. This step starts the process of freezing water inside.
  • After they’re completely frozen, the machine slowly warms up. This part causes ice in the products to change directly into vapor—a process called sublimation.
  • During sublimation, a strong vacuum pulls away all moisture.
  • It typically takes around 24 hours to fully dry out.
  • Once done, pull out the trays and check that they are light and crispy.
  • Store these airy confections in a vacuum seal bag or an air – tight container.
  • To keep them fresh longer, add an oxygen absorber or desiccant pack before sealing.

Pairing with Other Survival Foods

mixture of trail food

Let’s talk about eating them with other foods. They taste great with nuts and seeds for a quick energy boost.

Mix them into oatmeal or granola for a surprise sweetness in your breakfast. You can also sprinkle them over ice cream or popcorn to make it more exciting.

Eating them alongside peanut butter gives you both energy and protein. Try putting some in trail mix for a new kind of treat on the go. If you’re making emergency food packs, toss in a few in to break up the monotony of rice and beans.

They’ll give you something to look forward to after a long day of trekking or when times get tough.

The Health Aspect of Freeze Dried bites in Survival Kits

In survival kits, they can provide a burst of energy when it’s needed most. These treats keep their nutritional value after the freeze drying process. They offer quick glucose to the body, which can be vital during strenuous activities or in crisis moments.

Many people enjoy these for their taste and familiarity. Comfort foods can boost morale and mental health in tough situations. For those watching their health, there are other nutritious options like dried fruits available as well.

lyophilization pineapple chunks or apple slices can be just as satisfying with added vitamins.

Challenges with Freeze Drying Certain confectionary

Some bites face big problems in the process. Treats like chocolate that have a lot of fat struggle to freeze dry properly. They can melt or change shape when you try to dry them out.

There’s also trouble when they are really dense or have very little water inside them from the start. Without enough water, there isn’t much for the machine to pull out and turn into vapor.

It takes a long time to freeze dry, anywhere from 6 hours up to more than a day! This makes it hard to plan and can cost more money because the machine runs for so long. Not every kind works either; some might get too sticky or lose their taste after going through all those hours in the cold vacuum chamber.

Practical Uses in Different Scenarios

scenic picnic in the mountains

Discover how these aren’t just for satisfying your cravings, they’re versatile companions that thrive in the diverse conditions of outdoor adventures and emergency prep plans—dive into their many practical applications right here.

Camping Trips

Camping trips often call for light, durable snacks that can handle the journey. These will fit this need perfectly. Their new texture and taste give campers a fun treat to look forward to after a long hike or while sitting around the campfire.

Packed in a resealable bag for freshness, they stay perfect through all your outdoor adventures.

Throw a pack into your survival kit before you head out. They don’t weigh much and last longer than many other snacks, which is great for any trip length.

And when you’re back from exploring nature, ready to plan your next adventure, maybe hiking or backpacking will be on your list with long-term bites again as your go-to snack.

Hiking and Backpacking

Hikers and backpackers rely on lightweight, nutritious foods for energy on the trail. These treats offer quick sugar boosts without adding much weight in their packs. They taste even more intense after freeze drying, giving walkers a flavor-packed treat to enjoy at the peak.

Long trips demand food that won’t spoil. That’s where these shine; they lasts longer than regular snacks. Backpackers can munch on these days into an adventure, assured they still get about 96% of the original nutrients.

This makes them a smart choice for survival kits needing to last through any trek or unexpected delay in the wilderness.

Emergency Prepping

Emergency prepping means being ready for the unexpected. These freeze dried skittles are great for survival kits because they last a long time. With a shelf life of up to 25 years, they become an excellent food source without needing power.

Packed with flavor, they offer a comforting treat in stressful situations.

People who prepare for emergencies value having reliable, hassle-free foods on hand. Adding these to your kit makes sense – they’re light and take up little space.

You can store them alongside other survival essentials like pepper, jerky, and banana chips. Next up is traveling, where convenience matters just as much.


Let’s make travel even sweeter. These are light to carry and won’t melt or get sticky in your bag. Long flights, road trips, or even just a day out can use that perfect treat.

These keep well, so pack them for any trip!

You’ll be glad to have them after hours on the go. It’s a fun snack that stays fresh longer than other treats. Hikers and campers love it because the taste changes in an interesting way compared to regular skittles.

Whether you’re crossing deserts or climbing mountains, you will be ready for adventure!

Where to Buy Them

You can find the freeze dried rainbow at specialty online stores. These shops often offer a range of sizes, from small bags to bulk options. is another great place to search for them.

They have listings from various sellers, including 10 oz and 16 oz packages. Customer reviews will help you choose the best option.

Local stores might carry them as well. If not, they may order them for you upon request. For those who prefer DIY methods, purchasing your own freeze dryer allows you to make them at home.

This way, you control the quality and quantity in your survival kits.

Best Storage Options for Survival Kits

storing freeze dried skittles

Storing them properly means they’ll be good for decades. Mylar bags are one of the top picks. They block light and moisture, keeping them fresh and tasty. Just slip in an oxygen absorber before sealing it tight with a heat sealer – this sucks out any air that could spoil them.

Mason jars work well too, especially for shorter periods or if you need to grab some on the go. Just fill up the jar, toss in an oxygen absorber, and screw on the lid tightly.

Keep these jars in a cool, dark place to protect them from sunlight and temperature changes. With care like this, your survival kit will have a boost ready whenever you need it!

Comparing With Other Freeze Dried Candies

When it comes to survival treats, the taste of these are a force to be reckoned with—but how do they stack up against other confections? With the science of dehydration enhancing flavors in myriad ways, assessing these crunchable treats side by side offers insight into not just taste and texture but practicality within your kit’s confines.


Freeze dried starburst turn into a light, crisp treat perfect for taking on the trail. The unique process locks in the intense fruit flavors. Hikers and campers love this version because it’s easy to pack and doesn’t melt.

Gummy Bears

Freeze dried gummy bears have a new twist. The flavors get more intense and the texture turns crunchable. These treats take up to 32 hours in a freeze dryer before they’re ready. People love adding them to survival kits because they last long and taste great.


Freeze dried Airheads offer a twist on the classic chewy candy. They turn into light, airy treats that pop in your mouth with an intense flavor. The process locks in all the original flavors you love but gives them a new crispy texture.

Imagine enjoying strawberry or blue raspberry Airhead without the chewiness—instead, they dissolve delightfully on your tongue!

Candy Corn

Freeze dried candy corn has a big flavor boost. It makes the sweetness, tang or spice really pop! This treat has a new crunch that changes how it feels in your mouth. You get a fun way to taste an old favorite.

Conclusion AND FAQs

Thanks to the freeze-drying process, things just got better for survival kits. They stay tasty and fresh for years. You won’t believe how light they are to carry. Every bite is a blast of flavorwithout losing the nutrients.

Think beyond candy; these treats could save your day outdoors! Grab a pack, and taste the rainbow in any situation.

What are freeze dried Skittles?

They are a gourmet treat made by freeze drying the original candy to create a crispy and airy version of the classic fruity flavors.

How long do they last in survival kits?

Done right, they will have a long shelf life and can last for a significant amount of time (up to 25 years), making them a convenient and tasty option for emergency supplies.

Are freeze dried Skittles crunchy or chewy?

They have a unique freeze drying process that transforms them into a delicious treat, offering a whole new texture experience compared to the original taste of skittles. 

Can you share with others?

Yes, freeze-dried treats are perfect for sharing due to their resealable packaging and satisfying sweet flavors, making them ideal for enjoying a movie night or satisfying your cravings with friends and family.

What are some customer reviews saying about them?

Customers have praised them for their premium candy taste, unique freeze drying process, and the enjoyable burst of fruity flavor in each bite, making them a top choice for those craving a crunchy and sweet bite.

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