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Bejuco Beach

In the hustle of daily life, finding a peaceful spot to unwind can feel like searching for a hidden treasure. Many dream of pristine beaches and serene sunsets but often end up in crowded destinations that don’t quite hit the mark.

If you’re yearning for an escape where golden sun meets azure waves without throngs of tourists, Bejuco Beach is your answer.

Tucked away in Puntarenas, Costa Rica lies Playa Bejuco—a gem among beaches with its swaying palm trees and stretch of tranquil sand that’s received the Blue Flag award for its clean beauty.

This blog will be your guide to exploring every nook of Bejuco Beach, revealing accommodations, eateries, activities and more that promise a truly calming retreat. Ready to discover paradise? Keep reading for all the seaside secrets!

Key Takeaways

  • Bejuco Beach in Puntarenas, Costa Rica offers an uncrowded and peaceful beach experience with miles of clean sand that has earned the Blue Flag award.
  • The beach is close to other popular destinations like Jaco and Manuel Antonio, as well as San Jose Airport, making it easily accessible for day trips and quick getaways.
  • Accommodations range from gated community homes to eco – friendly hotels, providing options for security, sustainability, or romance right by the sea.
  • Local eateries serve a mix of traditional Costa Rican cuisine and international dishes with fresh ingredients sourced locally. Beach vendors offer tasty treats perfect for enjoying on the sands.
  • Visitors can engage in various activities such as surfing suitable for different levels of expertise, horseback riding through scenic routes, playing volleyball on the beach, or taking relaxing yoga classes by the ocean.

Overview of Bejuco Beach in Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Nestled along Costa Rica’s serene Central Pacific coast, Playa Bejuco in Puntarenas stands as a hidden gem for travelers seeking the solace of an uncrowded beach. This stretch of sand whispers tales of tranquility and untouched natural beauty, cradling visitors with its gentle breezes and rhythmic waves.

Its location is strategic yet secluded—close enough to popular tourist destinations like Jaco and Manuel Antonio National Park for day trips but far enough to retain its peaceful ambiance.

Bejuco Beach captivates visitors with its expanse of fine sand framed by picturesque palm trees that rustle harmoniously with the sea’s call. It epitomizes the idyllic Costa Rican shoreline: long, wide, and graced by a horizon that invites contemplation or leisurely strolls at sunset.

Here, the spirit of Pura Vida is palpable as you witness surfers challenging Playa Bejuco’s vibrant swells while families gather under shady palms—each finding their own way to savor this slice of paradise away from bustling crowds.

Surrounding Attractions and Proximity to Other Destinations

Nestled within Costa Rica’s captivating landscapes, Bejuco Beach serves as a serene haven, with its enchanting allure enhanced by the nearby bustling towns and natural marvels that lie just a stone’s throw away.

This idyllic setting offers travelers ease of access to explore iconic spots along the pacific coast, ensuring an adventure-rich stay filled with diverse experiences.

Proximity to Jaco and Manuel Antonio

Playa Bejuco’s strategic position offers a gateway to some of Costa Rica’s most loved destinations. Just a short drive brings you to the bustling town of Jaco, where an energetic main strip brims with dining options, eclectic shops, and local tour operators eager to showcase the area’s adventures.

Here, beach lovers revel in the vibrant scene, surfers chase the perfect wave, and families gather for delicious meals under the sun.

Venture 45 minutes north from Bejuco and enter the world-renowned haven of Manuel Antonio. This tropical paradise boasts not just stunning beaches but also a national park where monkeys swing through lush canopies and sloths laze in treetops.

Visitors spend their days wildlife spotting amid breathtaking scenery or lounging on sands caressed by blue waters while contemplating nature’s wonder—Manuel Antonio captures hearts with its rich biodiversity and postcard-worthy vistas.

Proximity to the Airport

two-hour drive on smooth, paved highways takes you straight from San Jose Airport to Playa Bejuco, making it a breeze for travelers eager to begin their coastal adventure without the hassle of an airport hotel stay.

This convenient accessibility highlights Bejuco’s appeal as a destination that’s easy to reach yet feels worlds away from the bustle of travel hubs. With your arrival at this serene beach town seamlessly connected to your flight schedule, transitioning into vacation mode is effortless and immediate.

After landing at Costa Rica’s largest airport near San Jose (SJO), expect no long layovers or extra stops – just clear roads leading you towards sun-soaked relaxation and the comforting embrace of Playa Bejuco.

Next up: features of Bejuco Beach that make every moment spent here pure bliss.

Features of Bejuco Beach

Nestled along Costa Rica’s serene Pacific coastline, Bejuco Beach unfurls its exquisite tapestry of golden sands and sapphire waters, inviting tranquility seekers to a paradise where pristine nature meets the rhythmic lullaby of the ocean.

The allure of this coastal gem is punctuated by its untouched beauty and the gentle whisper of palm leaves dancing to the sea breeze, creating an idyllic setting for relaxation and picturesque sunsets.

The Town

The Town of Bejuco boasts a quaint charm with all the essentials for a refreshing getaway. It’s dotted with hotels, vacation rentals, and condos, each offering a cozy place to rest after days spent exploring or lounging by the sea.

Wander through local shops for unique souvenirs or sample traditional Costa Rican dishes at roadside eateries that promise flavors as rich as their culture.

Visitors can stroll along palm-tree-lined streets that echo with the laid-back vibe of beachside living. With its close proximity to well-known destinations like Jaco and Manuel Antonio, Bejuco makes an ideal hub from which travelers can embark on various Central Pacific Coast adventures.

Whether you’re sipping on freshly made ceviche or kicking back in a hammock soaking up the coastal ambiance, this small but vibrant town has everything you need to make your stay in Costa Rica truly memorable.

The Beach

Playa Bejuco stretches for miles, its expansive sands kissed by the Pacific Ocean‘s playful waves. This beautiful palm-tree-lined beach offers a serene getaway from the more crowded spots along Costa Rica’s coastline.

Visitors can feel the soft sand beneath their feet as they walk along or find a quiet spot to sunbathe under the shade of swaying palms. With careful attention paid to safety due to rip currents, families and surf enthusiasts enjoy wading, boogie boarding, and surfing on days when conditions are favorable.

As you pull your car right up close to this long beach’s edge in many spots, convenience pairs with nature’s splendor at Playa Bejuco. The locale is perfect for spending a day soaking in the coastal charm without hassle.

For those looking forward to continuing their journey or seeking refreshment after a sunny day by the sea, accommodations and local eateries await just steps away – promising comfort and deliciousness as part of an all-encompassing beach experience.

Can You Swim at Playa Bejuco?

While Bejuco’s sandy stretches invite sunbathers and shell seekers, those looking to dive into the waves should be cautious. Swimming at Playa Bejuco is generally not advised due to the presence of strong rip tides and dangerous currents that can challenge even experienced swimmers.

The beach’s beauty isn’t lessened by these conditions; instead, it offers alternative ways to enjoy the water. Wading near the shore lets you feel the ocean’s power without venturing too far, and during calmer days, boogie boarding or surfing becomes possible—just make sure to check with locals about current sea conditions.

Beachgoers can still find plenty of other activities to engage in as they admire Playa Bejuco’s rugged charm. Build sandcastles with kids or watch surfers take on rolling waves—Playa Bejuco has something for every type of beach lover.

Remember always prioritize safety and heed any posted warning signs or flags indicating swimming hazards. With its expansive views and thunderous breakers echoing along the shoreline, this spot remains one of Costa Rica’s captivating coastal gems where respect for nature ensures a memorable visit.

Accommodations and Local Eateries at Bejuco Beach

Nestled within the serene coastal landscape, Bejuco Beach offers a variety of charming accommodations and delightful local eateries that promise to enhance your tranquil escape in Puntarenas—discover where comfort meets authentic Costa Rican flavors.

Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals offer a personal touch to your stay at Playa Bejuco. They come in various styles to cater to your preferences, whether you seek a family-friendly atmosphere or a romantic beachfront retreat.

  • Gated community homes provide an extra layer of security and privacy for visitors. These large residences typically feature full kitchens, multiple bedrooms, and some even boast private pools for that luxurious dip under the Costa Rican sun.
  • Beachfront vacation rentals frame the stunning views of Playa Bejuco, allowing guests to wake up to the gentle sounds of waves. With easy access to the sand beach, these standalone units are perfect for travelers who dream of a seaside sanctuary.
  • Private pools at select rental properties add a splash of exclusivity to your visit. Imagine lounging by your own pool, sunbathing without crowds, making it an ideal choice for those looking to relax in solitude or have fun with their group.
  • Full kitchens in these vacation homes enable guests to whip up their favorite meals with local ingredients. This feature is great for families and friends who enjoy cooking together and savoring home-cooked dishes while away from home.
  • Multiple bedrooms in gated community rentals mean that everyone has their own space. Sleep comes easily after a long day exploring when you have a quiet room all to yourself or shared comfortably with loved ones.
  • Camping on Playa Bejuco presents an adventurous and affordable option. For those who love nature and don’t mind basic accommodations, camping offers an authentic way to experience the outdoors while keeping travel expenses low.
  • Tranquil escapes are guaranteed with beachfront views from many rental units. Disconnect from the hustle-bustle as you relax amidst one of Costa Rica’s cleanest and most natural beaches right on your doorstep.


After exploring vacation rental options, travelers can consider the comfort and convenience of staying in one of Bejuco Beach’s welcoming hotels. These establishments offer a range of amenities for those looking to unwind right on the beach.

  • Hotel Playa Bejuco stands out for its prime location and exceptional services. Guests enjoy spacious, air-conditioned rooms with modern comforts, steps away from the serene coastline.
  • EcoVida Hotel takes pride in its unique eco-friendly approach. Their accommodations are innovatively designed using repurposed shipping containers, providing a sustainable stay without sacrificing luxury.
  • El Delfin Hotel offers visitors a more intimate experience with its boutique setup. The attentive staff and cozy ambiance make it an ideal spot for couples seeking privacy and romance.
  • Sunsets Restaurant inside Hotel Playa Bejuco presents travelers with delectable dining options. From fresh seafood to international dishes, their menu caters to diverse palates amid picturesque views.
  • Casa Mia is another gem among Bejuco’s hotels, boasting a family-friendly environment. With easy beach access and a pool for kids, it’s perfect for family vacations.
  • For the adventure – seekers, Arenal Hotel provides not just comfortable lodging but also helps arrange thrilling excursions like rafting trips or visits to Salto de Gamalotillo waterfall.
  • Many hotels in Bejuco are peppered with shady palm trees and hammocks, ensuring guests get plenty of relaxation after days filled with fun activities like soccer on the beach or boogie boarding.

Bejuco’s Restaurants & Other Local Eats

Dining at Bejuco Beach offers a feast for the senses, with an array of local flavors and international dishes. Whether craving traditional Costa Rican meals or international cuisine, visitors find delightful options to satisfy their appetites.

  • La Rioja Restaurant: This charming eatery serves up a fantastic fusion of Mediterranean and typical Costa Rican dishes. Guests enjoy mouthwatering tapas and wood-fired pizzas, all made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
  • El Chiringuito: A beachfront gem where visitors sip cold drinks while digging their toes in the sand. The menu boasts succulent seafood, including the freshest ceviche, drawing both locals and tourists alike.
  • Jardines Café Emma: Here you’ll find a cozy spot perfect for breakfast or lunch. Diners treat themselves to hearty meals while savoring coffee amidst vibrant tropical gardens.
  • Sunsets Restaurant at Hotel Playa Bejuco: Offers guests stunning ocean views paired with delicious food. They provide everything from juicy burgers to perfectly grilled steak, alongside traditional dishes that give a taste of Pura Vida living.
  • Beach Vendors: Roaming the sands are friendly local vendors offering tasty treats such as granizado – a snow-cone-like dessert perfect for cooling down under the sun – along with ice cream and chilled coconuts that add a sweet touch to any beach day.

Activities at Bejuco Beach

Bejuco Beach welcomes adventurers and relaxation seekers alike with a bounty of activities. Whether you’re eager to ride the waves or simply soak up the sun, this serene spot has something for everyone.

  • Surfing: Catch impressive breaks at Playa Bejuco, where surfers of varying skill levels find their perfect wave.
  • Horseback Riding: Traverse the picturesque landscape with guided horseback tours that reveal hidden beauty spots and offer a unique perspective of the area.
  • Beach Volleyball: Join in on friendly games along the shore or start your own match amidst warm sands and cheering spectators.
  • Fishing Adventures: Head out to sea for deep-sea fishing excursions, potentially reeling in marlin, sailfish, or dorado.
  • Yoga Sessions: Partake in peaceful yoga classes by the beach as you salute the sun against a backdrop of ocean sounds.
  • Nature Walks: Explore local trails teeming with wildlife; keen eyes might spot sloths, monkeys, or vibrant tropical birds.
  • Boogie Boarding: Families often enjoy boogie boarding in the gentle surf – great fun for kids and those young at heart.
  • Local Cuisine Sampling: Delight your taste buds by trying ceviche from beach vendors or dine at nearby eateries serving authentic Costa Rican dishes.
  • Cultural Encounters: Experience local life during weekends and holidays when Bejuco fills with families from San Jose sharing in food, music, and games.


Let yourself unwind amidst the serene beauty of Playa Bejuco, where the rhythmic sounds of the Pacific promise a peaceful retreat. Here, palm trees sway as a testament to Costa Rica’s commitment to natural splendor and sustainability.

Whether you’re stretching out on the gray sands or exploring local culture, this coastal haven offers an affordable escape. Embrace the simplicity of life by the sea and mingle with friendly residents for an authentic taste of Puntarenas charm.

Carry home memories tinged with salt air and sunsets, letting them call you back to Bejuco Beach’s tranquil shores time and again.


1. Where is Bejuco Beach located in Costa Rica?

Bejuco Beach lies within the Puntarenas province, 30 minutes south of Jaco and about 45 minutes north of Manuel Antonio, offering a peaceful retreat on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.

2. What makes Bejuco Beach stand out among beaches in Costa Rica?

Its vast stretches of sand, less crowded atmosphere compared to other popular destinations like Guanacaste, and its position away from bigger towns creates a serene environment where relaxation comes naturally.

3. Can I find accommodations easily when I visit Playa Bejuco?

Yes! Playa Bejuco offers various places to stay that are spaced out along the road; from cozy residential developments to small lodgings perfect for spending time with family and friends.

4. What activities can I enjoy at Bejuco Beach?

Visitors can bask in sun-filled days with lots of relaxing in hammocks, engage in friendly soccer matches on the beach or watch kids often boogie board on the gentle waves.

5. How does visiting Playa Esterillos compare to staying at Bejuco Beach?

Playa Esterillos is close by and shares similar tranquil vibes; however, each beach has its unique charm with different local events providing fun cultural experiences alongside locals from San Jose and other parts of Costa Rica.

6. Is there anything special I should experience while at Bejuco Beach?

Make sure to embrace the simple joys—like taking long walks along this quiet stretch or joining locals during their weekend getaways for an authentic taste of leisurely life away from the bustle.



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